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'Unrepairable' after water damage

My phone got water-damaged so I took it to the local phone repairer and they said there’s water trapped between the two boards and apparently is it not repairable. Is this true or not? Should I sell my phone(Even though I’ll probably get like £50 for it).


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It may be repairable but most micro-soldering shops/techs will not “fix” a water damaged phone just for the sake of the phone as they are typically unstable long-term and warranty issues can quickly become a nightmare for both the owner and the shop. Most shops will only work on water damaged phones for data recovery purposes.

That said, if you call around you may find someone willing to take a deeper look inside.

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I agree. The best course of action would be to retrieve the data first, then go from there.


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Apple will replace the device for you, but that is not cheap.

If you went to 3rd party places, say goodbye to Apple.

Water between the board layers is repairable, but not sure anywhere outside of China has that kind of skilled technicians for cheap.

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C'mon Tom, this is a $1500 phone. If someone can pay that kind of money for a phone, subsidized or not, they can afford a 150 - $200 micro-soldering has nothing to do with it. The real issue is that most techs won't touch a water damaged phone, at least in NA. I can't speak for the UK or Europe though.

I'm curious, do techs in China "fix" water damaged phones (for the sake of the phone)?


@refectio It wouldn't be cheap... A LDC screen replacement costs £435 which is around $550, I'm not sure if it's cheaper in the US.


I agree, OLED screens aren't cheap. But this is a water damage issue, not a screen issue. Micro-soldering repairs would be much less expensive than an OLED screen. Also, you could easily sell your water damaged device for the value of a replacement screen, assuming yours isn't all scratched up. Some repair shops actively look for water damaged devices as there are lots of useful parts inside (unless it's salt water damage).

My point was that this is an expensive device and walking away from it should be the last step. It has inherent value and may be need to explore those options.

If you buy an Aston Martin, you have to expect to pay some quid to have it repaired and maintained. The same applies to an XS Max :>).


We dont repair water damaged phones for the sake of a working phone it's just not practical (uk) also I find most water damaged phones will need a screen replacement anyway as the screen tends to get a lot of damage first...

That being said I dont think it's worth giving up somebody may have a go at repairing it for u


Thanks @c9679 I wasn't aware you were based in the UK...that's good to know.


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