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The Logitech M170 is a wireless mouse from Logitech. Released in 2016. Model number: M170.

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Left clicker on my logitech m170 is not responding to clicks anymore

How can i fix the left button that seems to not work, do i have to rewire something? I dont have any clue of what to do, everything seems to be in place

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Hi @adelsondamar

If you press harder, does it works?

one thing you can try is to open up and check on the buttons and microswitches.

check for any dry solder joints or worn out micro switches on it.

those micro switches sadly now has a limited lifespan..

You can use the multimeter in beep community (digital) or resistance (analog) to test the microswitch.

depress the switch and it should beep, or the analog pointer will move.

I would suggest you to replace the micro switch, which you can order it from ebay / aliexpress, etc.

To replace the micro switches, you need to have some soldering skills, perhaps I say it is not so difficult, else you can ask you friend for help.

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Hi, i have tons of logitech mouse having this problem. My simple solution is to open the mouse, then i will normally add a layer of small size masking tape to the side of problematic clicker. Add on a layer of masking tape until your are satisfy with is clicking respon.

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do you have any photos how you do that? would you be able to send it to omid89 atsign gmail d0t com


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this model was released back in 2016 when Logitech used subpar switches, unlike today. And those switches generally wear off faster which is why you are facing this issue. Now you have two options - One, try what @isk2021 suggested and see if it works using the click test on Secondly, if you have the budget, you can simply buy a better mouse - maybe anyone from the logitech's G series.

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