Do you know what this part is called? Honor 10 screen

Hi all, I'm doing a screen replacement on a Honor 10 and I've noticed the new screen doesn't come with the part shown in my photo. Orange line is the shape of the part, green line is the part, it looks like it runs to a small ovel Shap where the earpiece goes. Tried looking for proxi and earpiece parts but they don't match up. Any ideas guys?

Block Image

Update (07/22/2019)

Photo of the part. Tried to remove but it broke.. The oval part that is broken is like a glass material.

Block Image

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Is the highlighted part on your old display removable?

You might be able to swap it if it is.


I tried to remove it using heat but the oval shape part that sits where the earpiece is snapped, it was more like glass


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