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Released March 2017, Identified by model number SM-J727

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My phone screen is black after water damage. Repairable?

I accidentally dropped my phone in a sink full of water. After a day of drying it seemed to work ok. A day after that the screen flickered and then went black.

I can still feel it power on (vibration) but the screen is black.

As a minimum I would really like to be able to see the windows/tabs that I have open in the Samsung and Chrome browsers. It would be great if I could use the phone again but I would settle for just being able to see the browser tabs just long enough to write them down and open them on a different device.

Is there anything I can do to accomplish this?

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Send us please some pics from the LCD connector it might have rust built in to it. It probably was unbuilt the first day and it started becoming a problem later. Can you put a flashlight on top of it? The backlight might be fried.

Update (07/24/2019)

Friend I have a confusion, this phone is exclusive to some carriers and the back is different from the others. Don’t know why but if you see the video it isn’t the same lemme find something else

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Sorry that I am a novice for cell phone hardware (and software). How do I get to the LCD connector for the Straight Talk Samsung SM-S727VL(GP)? I don’t see screws under the battery cover.


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Check this

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Thank you. The video says use a hair dryer but the tool they are using in the video doesn’t look like a hairdryer. Do you know what it is or will a hair dryer work too?


You can use a heatgun, a hair dryer, or an Iopener that i linked to soften the adhesive


If there is corrosion on the LCD connector, will I likely have to replace the screen or can the corrosion be removed?


@testeri If its on the board you can clean it off hopefully. Else if its on the display try cleaning it else buy a new one.


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