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Cellular version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1567.

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LCD adhesive and Funny Screen Colours

Hello, before I start purchasing parts and begin repairs I’d like to be sure what is wrong with my ipad..

The lcd seem to be out of the housing from time to time. Could it be just the adhesive? I recently changed my battery and there doesn’t seem to have a bulge on screen.

The colours on my screen went nuts after a screen notification. I tried a reboot. The reboot screen is normal but as soon as it loads the colour goes wonky again.

tried giving a slap on the rear bottom left and the TOP side of the ipad it was fine for a while and then it went wonky again.

so I tried adjusting the colour from accessibility. Worked for a bit and same thing.

so my question is, could it be a faulty lcd? Or do I just need to change lcd connector/clean it?

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Accessibility settings won’t do anything. It’s going to be hardware related I’m sure. When you say the lcd is out of the housing,do you mean it’s literally lifting out? If so,the adhesive seal you used is bad(no insult meant). It should not come out at all from the housing.

The lcd screen issues can be a simple loose lcd connector problem. The first step is to disconnect it.

Did you change the battery,or did you have someone else do it for you? If you did it,did you disconnect the screen at all? Did you disconnect the battery prior to removing the screen? Did you put all screws back in the same holes? Long screw damage is a “thing”.

The fact it’s inconsistent makes it seem likely to be a loose connection. The first step is to disconnect and reseat the lcd connector AFTER DISCONNECTING THE BATTERY FIRST. Also,if this doesn’t fix it,you can try to VERY CAREFULLY wiggle the lcd connector while it’s plugged in and powered on. See if the screen acts up or not based on wiggling the cable around.

let me know how it goes if you want. I will reply if I see you comment to me.

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