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A 56K modem is a type of modem that was widely used in the late 1990s and early 2000s to connect computers to the internet over telephone lines.

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Any use for this thing today?

When i got this,little did i know i gave these boy scouts enough electronics and i will go back for the manuals i never took

Is it useful today?

It is a US Robotics 0701

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Bu iyi bir soru mu?

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+ for the nostalgia, we were all very familiar with this sound:


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You could try a few of these things.

"IVR (Interactive Voice Response). If your modem support voice (most does, but not all) you can write an application that turns that modem as interactive anwering machine, like those you get when you call big companies support line.

Answering machine/Voice mail. If your modem support voice, you can write application that use the modem as asnwering machine and record voice of the caller.

SMS/Text sender. Some mobile provider used to provide service to send SMS/text through land line using special protocol (set of AT/Hayes command). Although this feature is becoming less popular, but maybe you are interested and check with your local providers.

Autocall specified number on scheduled time, just like one of your original idea.

Voice Reminder. It's like the previous autocall, but you get to play voice message when the receiver picks up the call"

Always remember that the faster and more advanced we get, the higher the risk something will fail. Keep it handy just in case you may have to fax (if you are to young to know what that is Google it) something. It is amazing how quickly you will miss it when current technology is down for a while. There are still tons of people that do not have broadband access and are actually in need of modems. Think broader, think global.....Good Luck

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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I got it for a reason,it might be useful


+ the problem is getting something to answer it


Well take a look at this setup etc and more info here and they are still around.... :-) got to love it. Not as convenient but most certainly decent....


Sure its useful--there are still a lot of people out there on dialup.


Alright OT, that first link is for South Korea, the telnet BBS is for Windows only, try the links on your last link, all that I tried came up with the prefix (was). Sorry but I can find a lot more working 8 track players than dial-up modems. Even my LaserDisk is more useful ;-)


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