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Apple AirPods, Aralık 2016'da piyasaya sürülen kablosuz kulaklıklardır.

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The magnet (or mechanism) holding down the lid seems to have broken

I dropped it from seat height and heard a crack as it hit the ground, now the lid has something rattling inside and the magnet (or whatever the mechanism is that holds the lid shut, magnetic or not) doesn’t keep the lid closed as well and opens often in my pocket. The lid opens with a slight swing, there seems to still be some retaining of the lid in place, but it’s far weaker than when I got it. Otherwise the issue does not affect the listening nor the charging and I wouldn’t mind if this was impossible to fix.

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It sounds like the magnet that holds the lid down came out when you dropped it. That's what's rattling inside. Due to the unrepairable nature of AirPods, you probably can't fix it. Looking at this guide, getting inside looks like quite the procedure. However, if you have nothing to lose, you could try to open it up and fix it. You could probably super glue the old magnet back in place. If they still work fine though, I wouldn't risk it. Maybe you could put some velcro on both parts of the lid to hold it down?

Good luck!

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