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clutch slipping really bad

my clutch was slipping a bit at first but now its really slipping bad,the truck is a 93 4x4 with a v6 3.0 5 speed manuel and I believe its a hydraulic system. Do I need a new clutch or is it the master cylinder? I know it wont be a cheap fix but its gotta be done.

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There are two different engines for the 1993 and the master clutch cylinder varies based on the engine; 22RE and the 3VZE. The 22RE (2.4L i6) and 3VZE (3L V6) use different parts so you need to know which one you have. The 22RE layout is straight across because of the fact it is a inline 6 and the V6 will look very different from any inline series engine.

Once you know which engine you have, you will need to find out which version you need. If you aren't sure, take a photo of the engine bay photo for us to figure out which engine you have. The other area to see which engine you have is usually under the hood on Toyotas, so start looking for those two engine codes there. If you ever had a hood replacement don’t do this, but if it’s original then you can use the label to figure it out.

22RE (22RE Performance rebuild or head gasket cover, but otherwise identical to a stock 22RE):

Block Image


Block Image

The transmissions may even be different as well as they tend to be mated to specific engines. Once you find out which engine you have, you will also need to enter that transmission number and clutch to find a rebuild kit as they are transmission specific. If you have trouble, try Hilux instead of Toyota Pickup as it is also known as the Hilux in countries like Australia. Much like the master clutch cylinder, we can’t narrow this down without an engine code to get an idea of which one is used in the 4x4 version.

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John Spaid

you will have to replace the clutch itself. Once the lining wears down it will slip until it will l no longer make contact. Replace the throwout bearing and pressure plate as well. That way you will most likely never have to split the tranny from the engine. The hydraulic system refers to the way your clutch gets activated. Basically it is a hydraulic system down to the clutch assembly. It does not have anything to do with the clutch slipping.

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