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An 11.6" touchscreen tablet and a Full HD laptop by Sony. It was released in 2012.

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sata cable connection between two computer

how can i connect two computer to send data using sata cable?

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It is not possible to use SATA to connect two computers together, mainly because it is a host/device topology. This means the host sends a special "host-to-device" command, and the device sends different "device-to-host" commands back.

It would be possible to connect two computers using SATA with your special SATA translator device in the middle just like USB cables .You can't connect two computers together with a bare USB cable, because they are both hosts with no devices to talk to.

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There is no such thing as a SATA to SATA translator device between two computers. You will need to either a means to connect your systems together with either an network connection (Ethernet or WiFi) in a peer connection. Or you’ll need to remove the SATA device and fit it within an external case to then connect to your other system. Or use an external USB drive to copy off your stuff and then copy to your other system. If you have a cloud based backup you could also leverage it as well.

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