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Repair guides and support for the first generation Grand Cherokee ZJ, an upscale mid-size SUV built by Chrysler's Jeep division.

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Stalling and not starting intermittently

I have a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee that has less than 100k miles on it. So it’s in great shape for its age. The problem is that it has started to stall when driving it - it stalls when it is decelerating. It only does it every once in awhile. Also, it usually starts right back up but sometimes it will not. If I keep trying it will eventually restart.

My regular mechanic can’t figure out the exact problem so I was wondering if anyone out there has a clue. Thanks!

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Its a long shot , but I had the same symptoms with a Chev. half ton. After a lot of run around. It turned out to be the gear on the rear of the Camshaft. Pricey to fix , traded up to a ram!!!  Good Luck.

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Sounds like what our 96 GC 5.2l was doing when we had a bad battery. Lots of feathering the gas pedal while braking/stopping. And holding RPMs while stopped & in gear. Try a known good battery.

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