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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Best Samsung LCD matrix. LTH133BT01 vs LSN133BT01

As far as I know Samsung matrix is better than LG for MacBook Air.

There are two kind of Samsung matrix available - LTH133BT01 and LSN133BT01.

Which is the best?

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Lets backup here a bit...

Is the screen damaged in anyway or are you just looking for a better display?

If you are looking for a better display what is it you are looking for Brighter, Color saturation or Gamut? Or denser pixels?


@danj I am looking for a better display which shows letters and text more naturally. Brightness is not important. I love LTH116AT01A04 on my old MacBook and I am looking something very similar.


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Unlike the older MacBook & MacBook Pro series the MacBook Air display is ultra thin which is why its display is not as good. To add to this each display has a code which the system leverages to ID its dimensions and scan rate.

I haven’t tried substituting displays in the Air series so I can’t tell you if a thicker display will work and the limitations of the lid may prevent it from closing.

Given the risks and the expense it might make sense just getting a newer MacBook Air as Apple has improved the screen used in it quite a lot!

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