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Repair Guides for Sony Laptops

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sony vaio pcg-7185m power adapter pin broken

hi friends!

I've been given a laptop to repair (it's my first one feeling a little nervous) it's quite a simple fix by the sounds of it but there are always little surprises aren't there? One of the pins on the DC in port has broken off. So 1) any special advice regarding laptop repairs in general

2) how similar are these models? can I use pcg-xx as a guide? or are they all completely and utterly different?

thanks for any advice , any hints or tips greatly appreciated!


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Congratulation on moving up. Sounds like you need to replace the DC IN board. Take a look at this one (located in the UK) and see if it's what you need ;-)

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found the part on ebay (it is indeed my friend) and followed a few of the guides (none of which were for this laptop) took about 10 minutes to get to the part and take it out. no soldering required which is always a bonus.... now just got to sit and wait for the part!


Well, looks like I failed to put the link in, my apologies. Glad you found it.


so did i... so this is what i managed to find thanks for the help though, I know who to ask if i need help! :-)


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