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Cellular version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1567.

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replace used touch+ glass screen

Can I replace touch screen + glass

from: iPad air 2, 64 GB only wifi - gold color

to: iPad air 2, 16 GB wifi+4G - white color

destination iPad is A1567. I think It’s the same display, what do you think?

Color, memory size and cell/wifi wouldn't be dependent objects.

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Every air 2 uses the same display. As long as you are experienced in removing Air 2 glass without cracking the glass it should work fine.

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With "removing Air 2 glass", are you referencing to only glass or to glass+touchscreen?

It's too hard to remove touch screen from glass ! I know It's necessary expensive and professional tools to join them again. I'm saying to replace the part which composed by both objects.


@rickyleroy I'm sure @benjamen50 referred to the glass+touch assembly that is troublesome enough to be removed without damaging it. It will take lots of care, patience and right tools. Wish you luck :)


I meant in terms of removing the whole screen assembly from the iPad housing.

Separating the glass from the LCD display is not what I meant.

Glass will sometimes inevitably have to be cracked if the housing is bent in some way that stops the screen from coming out after separating adhesive.


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