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Motorola's Moto Z flagship smartphone line, characterized by their aggressively thin builds and compatibility with Moto Mods.

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Replacement Screen wont fit

I have a moto Z4 in here for a client, (model xt1980-4) Ive gotten 2 screens for it, from 2 different suppliers, and both of them do not fit. Both aftermarket screens are the exact same, but they are just slightly different from the OEM ones. Am I just getting sent the wrong screens or is there a different version of the phone I cant seem to find the part for?


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Block Image

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There are two different displays for the Moto Z4. Most vendors have not even labeled this difference yet. One variant is curved at the top and bottom, and the other one is flat at the top and bottom. Your original display is curved at the top and bottom, while your replacement display is straight at the top and bottom. The circuity including the SMD capacitors are also different on these two different versions. It does not matter if you search by model. This is the case for both XT1980-3 and XT1980-4.

There have been a few different phone models with this problem. For example, the LG Stylo 1 had two different ICs, a small one and a big one. Have seen others like this, but it’s uncommon.

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I did a little research on the topic and found that the displays are different between the Moto Z4 6.4” and the Moto Z4 Play.

It looks like your new part is for the Z4 Play and what you need is the part for the Z4 6.4”.

Note: There are a LOT of discrepancies between seller listings of this part and the corresponding model numbers. I found one ebay listing stating the 6.4” model display they are selling is not compatible with the Play model. I would stick to ensuring it is the one that is not for the Play model, verify with the photos and possibly an email to the seller, and then order.

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My advice never search by name, search by "XT" model number. Motorola sells so many models that you will create an absolute nightmare for yourself if you buy on name of phone alone. The biggest issue I have found with the XT1980-3 which is the Z4-Play is that its so new (only released June 2019) that the aftermarket channel is very sparse.


xt1980-3 is the international model and -4 is the verizon model. vzw tends to mess with stuff, but i have both and they are the same so thats not it. found a YT commenter said (not been able to find elsewhere but it a possibility)

-1 and -2 = straight whereas -3 and -4 = more rounded corners


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