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Originally internally coded as LFA, the 2015 Sonata was unveiled in Korea late March 2014, and was unveiled in America at the 2014 New York International Auto Show.

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Backseat passenger power window and door lock not working

Backseat passenger side power window and door lock will not work

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First things I personally would check would be the fuse panel(s) and the condition of the wiring located between the interior of the car and the door itself. If upon visual inspection there is no obvious signs of damage, then more than likely, components (like for example the switch panel, door panel etc) will have to be disassembled to do component, voltage and continuity tests. A good start for checking voltages would be the fuse panel(s). Your Owners Manual should have a reference as to it's/their location(s).


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The master switch in the drivers door is the only thing that have both in common. I would replace it.

Here’s the part:

Here’s how to replace it:

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