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14" - Core i3 2310M - SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 - 2 GB RAM - 500 GB HDD

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shuts down unexpectedly immediately after booting

my hp probook 6540b shuts down unexpectedly after booting.It remains on for about 2 minutes then shuts down and on rebooting does the same but for a shorter time period now.Any suggestions i’ll greatly appreciate.


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Is this with the mains supply connected to it or just the internal battery??


at first I thought it was power supply now i've tried each other way but it still can't.


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The three most common causes of this sort of issue are overheating, hard drive problems, and problems with the memory.

First, you should begin by ensuring that your notebook is clear of dust and debris.

I would also suggest running the built in diagnostics for the hard drive and memory.  If you're unsure how to perform these diagnostics you can find instructions

Once you can rule out these hardware causes it will be much easier to determine the cause of the problem.

I will keep an eye out for your response

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It seldomly gets past the BIOS and get's to a Win10 screen saying repairing installation, once it gets there it shuts down before any options get selected. I tried to boot it in safe mode, and it shuts down even before I can select safe mode.

I tried performing hard drive test but it still shuts down before even testing merely ten percent of the HDD.


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Sounds like the CPU is overheating, the motherboard auto-shuts off. Likely an exhaust fan is not running. It may be caked with dust or debris or simply worn out. It will likely be underneath the laptop. You might be able to remove the bottom cover and verify if it's running, choked or bereft of life.

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much appreciation @koolndeadly .let me try that!


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