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This Asus laptop is a 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop. It can be identified by its model number: Q504UA-BHI5T13.

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How do I fix or replace a hinge

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Block Image

This is the 2nd time my hinge has broken. First time I had Geek Squad fix it and they just sent it out to their main center instead of in store. This time I want to try to do it myself. The hing works but as I close the screen, the top cover separates from the LCD by the hinge. Do I need to replace the hinge? If so, how?

Update (09/16/2019)

It looks like this. I don’t even know how to get the display cover off. It almost looks like I can just attach the LCD display top better, it will work fine.

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it would be great if you could show an image

Is this the type of hinge you are speaking about

You need to replace the hinge. trying to repair it is a not the way to go

You should find one on ebay

Also a screw holding it in place may be missing

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