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The Motorola Moto Z Force (XT1650) is an Android smartphone developed by Motorola. It also is known as the Moto Z Force for markets outside the US and has been available since July 2016.

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ifixit battery for my Moto Z

Many reviews of replacement batteries being bought from other makers, distributors, etc are saying that they replaced their battery for what seemed like a good price, only to find out that the Turbo Charge feature no longer works. I'm trying to make sure this doesn't happen to me after buying a new battery from

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you're asking in the wrong venue. Demand an valid answer (AKA guarantee) from the actual source that you are seeking to buy their product from. That is the sales department of this site not a forum that attempts to aid others with overcoming repair problems. If like so many other posters (or more applicably posers) who are looking for "Genie in a bottle" solutions to their problems, imho, this is not the venue to seek such ends.


I would've done that in the first place, but they have no link for contacting them, either by phone or email, so I figured it was worth a shot trying it here. This ain't my first rodeo. If you can't help me, then the polite and proper thing to do is to butt out, especially since it doesn't pertain to you.


Generally speaking, that is...


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@khiggins61 two things you can try. Buy the ifixit battery and see if it works for you. If not you can always return it. The other thing you could try is to contact the sales people of iFixit by using one of the methods listed here

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