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Why does my IdeaPad 330 keep restarting?

So basically windows updates and my laptop didn't take it well, I've gone through and I tried to fix it, but when I thought I got it to work, it shut off. ever since then, every time I try to turn on my laptop, it'll flash to the Lenovo screen for a few seconds before turning off and then turning on to flash to that screen again. I've taken out the battery and tried to run it on just the power cord, and I've taken out the RAM to no avail. can somebody help me?

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Hi @wetsocks

I suspect the OS might be corrupted.

seems alot are hit…

Are there any important data inside your laptop?

If so, consider making a bootable usb of hiren with winpe.

USB boot hiren to access your storage device.

once backup is completed, I suggest you to do a clean reinstallation of your OS, which i think it is win10.

Not sure if there is a built in test in model. but you can try..

To test hardware,

turn on the computer

press F10

run all test and check for any hardware issues.

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