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Microsoft's third-generation Xbox game console, released November 22, 2013.

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Controller anolog stick acting wierd

So playing racing games like Forza or project cars, my left stick is just acting wierd, like sometimes its not detecting full sometimes it's mixes like full then 75%, i mean like I'm turning the analog fully to the left but in the game, I'm only using 75% of my original 100% output to the analog stick, it's my left analog stick and it only affects when I'm going left or whatever the actual saying is, not sure if it's controller drifting because being afk, my camera or character doesn't inch or move up

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It is possible that dust, lint, or food worked it’s way into your joystick on your xbox controller. Try using compressed air to blow around the knob and rotate the knob while applying the compressed air. If you dont have compressed air, try the opposite and use a vacuum. You can try using a combination of a vacuum and a toothpick to try and get out any debris or particles that may be trapped between the joystick knob and the plastic controller housing. Good luck!

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