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The Toyota Prius is a hybrid electric car designed by Toyota. The third generation, sold from 2009 to 2015, introduced a new body design with a lower coefficient of drag.

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My hatchback will not close- lock is stuck

My hatchback won’t close as lock is locked.

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I don’t have a valet key. Hitting the “unlock” the car button didn’t help. I WD-40’d it and then took the plastic piece off of the top of the lock and removed the tray and other fabrics revealing the lock AND Wallah WHAT WAS REVEALED-??? a metal lever that unlocks the lock manually. Screw drivers were used multiple times-but the lock would not budge till I did a little dismantalling. Done! Fixed. Goody, goody for me - a 70 yr old woman just saved her self a lot of $$.


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Use your valet key and unlock it.

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Valet key? I’m not familiar with Prius this is my first one and it’s a used 2011 will this work as well?


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