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The spiritual successor to the Chromebook Pixel, the Google Pixelbook was unveiled at the 2017. Made by Google event, and made available October 31st, 2017. Model number: C0A.

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My keyboard stopped working for certain keys


These are the only keys that work on my device tried to power wash and reset all settings

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Hi @lordtrentonian ,

it looks like a connection between keyboard and motherboard is corrupted. I suggesting you disassemble your device and check the connection of mentioned HW. It may be only dust on the connectors or something same.

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@lordtrentonian If not this simple repair of cleaning, then it most likely will need a new keyboard, get the numbers from the backside before you order a new replacement, hope cleaning it will take care of the problem.


I have the keyboard connector exposed. Can you or someone show me how to disconnect that wide ribbon connector so I can clean it and reseat it? I've never worked with this kind of connector before.


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