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Released alongside the AirPort Extreme base station, this hard drive equipped variant offers 802.11ac speed on a time capsule NAS.

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Max Hard Drive size

Hello. I’m going to replace the internal hard drive on my Time Capsule A1470. I’m wondering if one 10 TB or 12 TB WD RED PLUS would fit. Does anyone know what’s the maximun drive size supported by the AirPort Time Capsule A1470?


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I’m not sure what the maximum is, but I upgraded the hard disk on my Time Capsule to a Seagate 14TB disk and it works without a hitch. No software or formatting conflicts. So your 10 or 12 TB disks should work fine. The only drawback I have found is the bigger disks can be a little noisier when writing (mine certainly is), but that I can live with.

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I think you’re going to run into power issues as these larger drives pull more power, while it might work for awhile the power supply will overheat and fail. Also these drives putout more heat as well.

Look up the specs of your current drive and make sure whatever drive you go with does not exceed the current draw.

Frankly, I would go with a SSD instead. You don’t need the fastest drive, a cheaper SATA II drive will be just fine!

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I would NOT recommend SSD drives to time capsule. This is because backups will be made daily, so there will be lots of writes, and SSD life will be very short (SSD drives have limited write life). For this type of application, a good quality NAS magnetic drive will be better.


@danimir The TBW issue hasn't been as bad in recent years. As long as you get a good drive, you can get one that will easily last 300TBW+. It's the cheap drives (usually they tend to be 75TBW, even today) and legacy 75TBW drives from a few years ago you have issues with.


@Nick Which SSD would you propose in 2023? I'll be getting the TC in about a month and I want to get an SSD as opposed to a HDD. I presume the SSD runs cooler. My main use for the TC is a media server not even as a backup.


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I've successfully upgraded my time capsule to 16TB in 2021 using Seagate EXOS 16TB drive. It works without a hitch for about 2 years now.


As this is a bit older hardware, I was doubtful that the hardware could support more than 16TB, this is why I've decided not to go any higher.

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this is mighty encouraging to hear. I'm guessing the Seagate EXOS is the same size as the original Baraccuda so you didn't have to customize the rubber mountings? Also I've been seeing comments about a preference of CMR over SMR. I'm planning to use mine as a media storage for my media server will this work?


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