My PSP Go turns on but won't charge help please

I just bought a PSP Go and it will not charge. The orange light never comes on. I bought a new battery and the PSP Go turns on and plays fine but still will not charge. I saw there is only one picture that might be about fuses but it’s in Russian. I have tried resetting the battery. Please help I have looked on the internet for answers and schematics but there isn’t anything easy to find (except the Russian one). Thank you

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Have you shot power at the battery while it’s plugged in? Or use a usb amp reader if you have one. Either way, it should tell you if you’re drawing any load with it plugged in. If not, you could try shooting continuity from the charging port to the battery if you can find which one is negative and which is positive on the port. If there is a bad fuse you wouldn’t have continuity.


I do not own a voltmeter yet. The PSP Go connects to USB mode it just does not charge what so ever. I will order a voltmeter. BUt if I find it is a fuse how would I know which one to buy?

Thanks for the help


I don’t know the psp go, but if you find it is a fuse you will most likely be unable to change it since it would be so small. I know my skills aren’t that good. You then would have 2 options. Send it in to a specialist for repair or you could take the risk of destroying your psp go, but you could jumper the fuse which would just need a glob of solder over the fuse to connect the two ends. That of course would be bypassing the safety against power spikes and could cause pretty bad problems if you got unlucky. But as long as everything worked as it should, you’d be fine I think. but I’d ask someone more smart than me. Lithium batteries have been known to cause fires in extreme cases.


Check out this link. The answer has a link to all the fuses on the go.

PSP Go - No Power, No Charging


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