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Repair guides and disassembly information for the 15-inch version of Microsoft's 3rd-generation Surface Laptops.

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Can battery by replaced?

I know from promo videos that SSD is replacable.

How about battery?

When we are already able to open the chassis. Can battery be also replaced?

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So from the teardown video the battery is glued and is not replacable at all.

On the battery there is a warning:

Risk of fire or burning.

Do not replace, short circuit, bend, crush, puncture or modify the battery, wiring or connector.

Do not dispose of in fire or expose to high temperatures (140°F).

Do not separate or remove the battery from the backplate cover.

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If the top panel comes off easily IIRC the battery can be replaced. Hopefully it is not glued in by lots of adhesive and instead screwed in.

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This is how it should look like after removing the top cover.


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The battery is replaceable similar to the previous versions of the surface laptop/book however the laptop 3 added a few screws as well as tape.

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