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Yellow stripes on screen during boot

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Hi, i get yellow stripes on screen during boot up and my macbook pro 2007 non unibody gets stuck in the boot process. I fugured that this might be the GPU but i cant seem to find any repair manuals regarding how to replace the GPU on this machine. Do i have to do a full logic board replace?



Update (10/23/2019)

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S/N is this W87462Z4X91

Model A1226 2.2Ghz Core2 Duo 128MB VRAM

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If your machine is using the nVida 8600 GPU it was know to fail and had class action law suits on it and Apple had a replacement program for a while. Unfortunately there is little you can do to repair it. I have a stack of these machine all with the same issue.


Yes, Your machine does have the nVidia GeForce 8600M GT Video Card

The cost of replacing the logic board and probably ending up with the same problem would not be wise. I would suggest going to either the 13” or 15” 2012 non-retina model.

I got one last week for $250. It is repairable, upgradable and will even take the latest OS X Catalina.

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@sebastian2019 Please go to this site and enter your serial number, then tell us your exact machine


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