Not charging and Wifi is dead

Hi, I’ve been troubleshooting my psp go for a while now with no luck. At first the battery was completely dead, but I took it out and charged it externally with a TP4056 board. After that the battery held its charge and I was able to turn on the psp go. However I’m still not able to get the thing to charge. I have plugged it into a wall charger, pc, and a usb powerbrick. It is pulling zero amps. I took it apart and started shooting wires. I get power up to a certain point on the board with the battery disconnected so I know the charger is making contact. I’ve checked fuses, one was actually blown, but that ended up being for my speakers.

along with the charging issue, my wifi will not turn on. No green light and will not connect to anything wifi related in settings.

could they be related? Any ideas on fixing charging? Don’t need wifi so I’m less concerned, but any ideas on what to check?

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