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My Kenmore Elite freezer is not freezing. What temperature will help

My Kenmore Elite freezer is not freezing the food. I put it to -1 and +2 still nothing is working. What temperature will help?

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Hi @juanita1flu ,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

Place an appropriate thermometer in the freezer and the refrigerator compartments to see what temperatures are there.


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This can be caused by about ten different things and I don’t have enough information to accurately pin it down.

Please tell us what it will do. Also please give us the model number.

Temperature Control Thermostat

The temperature control thermostat directs voltage to the compressor, evaporator fan motor, and condenser fan motor. If the thermostat is not working, the refrigerant system will not get power and the freezer will not cool. To determine if the thermostat is defective, rotate the thermostat from the lowest setting to the highest setting and listen for a “click.” If you hear a click, the thermostat is not likely defective. If you do not hear a click, use a multimeter to test the thermostat for continuity. If the temperature control thermostat does not have continuity, replace it.

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