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Released March 2017, Identified by model number SM-J727

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Which screen repair kit?

Can someone please tell me which screen repair kit should be used on a Samsung Galaxy model



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If you're looking to buy a tool set for diy phone repair, you should check your local stores for the best set. I don't know which country you live in so I can't recommend any stores. However, Amazon has a lot of sets you can check.

  • Notice! Don't buy really cheap tools. If it comes to own a fine small sets of tools, you should go for the good ones to prevent damaging your phone..

I'm currently using the Kobalt tool set, it has everything i need specially for iphones.

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Block Image

Have those ready:

  • A fine tip tweezer.
  • Phillips screwdriver #000
  • A magnetic sheet to hold the screws or a small box.
  • Plastic triangle opening tool.

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  • Heat gun.
  • an adhesive tape 2mm wide.

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