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Battery connector broken - is there a compatible part?

My MacBook air (2011 13”) battery connector on the logic board has snapped off. Im struggling to find this part anywhere. Is there an aftermarket compatible part that will fit. I have read that some people have managed to fit an S9B-ZR-SM4A-TF connector for some of the macbooks but it doesn't appear to be an exact fit.

Anyone know of a part that will work, or where to get an exact battery connector.

I have read suggestions around soldering the battery wires directly onto the connector points on logic board but I don't really want to do this.

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In the end I bought an S9B-ZR-SM4A-TF connector and soldered it on to the board and this has fixed the problem. It's not a perfect fit for MacBook airs but I managed to get it on. Problem solved.

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Either way, it requires soldering to the logic board and it’s not a particularly easy one if you have to solder the connector back in place. If you lost the original part you can try on Aliexpress, or take it from any Macbook Air board for parts, they’re all the same.

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My original connector has broken off so can't be soldered back on. It sounds like a donor board is the only option, but it'll be tricky to to get it off without snapping it. Was hoping to find a part that will be soldered on without needing to remove it from another board.


@faisalgondal Unless the plastic got teared and the connector cannot be reused, it won't make much difference if you buy a new one, it's a bit of a tricky connector that needs to be pressured in place with just a bit of solder. It may seem to be an easy repair but it's not that easy.


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