Very unusual headlight adjustment screws on 1999 toyota corolla

Hello; ________I have surfed the web over 15 hours to no avail. Question on how to adjust 1999 toy corolla headlights asked several times by others already..…..but as of yet, NO complete answer. Of course any knucklehead can adjust headlights against a wall…..but with the 1999 toy corolla….the QUESTION is…….. how does one access the adjustment screws….particularly the vertical ones ??? They are indeed 10mm…..and can be adjusted very very slowly with ONLY an open end wrench. Now, there is also a vertical access “star wheel” adjustment just behind the 10mm nut on each headlight…..which I was able to very slowly adjust with a flat blade and a phillips screwdriver…….however, it looks like a special tool would work far better with less wear and tear on the little nylon gears…… would look like a phillips but with 6-8 teeth instead of 4. ______I have surfed high and low for such a Toyota headlight adjustment tool…..nada !!! Surely there must be an easier method to rotate these little adjustments. I have already oiled the metal screws….so they now turn easily,,,but it takes me 2-3 minutes just to rotate 1 thread !!! In my 72 years I have adjusted scores of headlights……but this one is really a hairpuller. PLEASE HELP !!! ——-jim taylor

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