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Repair information for Roccat Kone gaming mice.

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Right click stopped working

Today, whilst gaming my right click stopped working. My mouse is not damaged and it has not been slammed. The right click button simply does not work anymore. How can i solve this issue? Will I need to buy a new mouse? Can I manually open it up myself and fix it?

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I’ve fixed many mouses myself in the past. You will have to open in and identify the type of switch and verify with continuity that it is the switch that has failed. Assuming that it is the switch it should be fairly straight forward to replace with a soldering iron and some time. If you need help finding the switch in question please post a picture (and if possible accurate dimensions) of it here and i can do my best to help.

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The most gaming mouses use Omron switches. Roccat Kone series also.

But most of them are the cheap ones just hold up to 5 Million Klicks called D2FC-F-7N. You should buy new Omron switches or solder them out of another mouse. Be shure to choose the better switches with (10M) or more as example: D2FC-F-7N(10M). You can use the switches from a broken mouse it doesnt matter, simply solder out the Omron switch of the right mousebutton, because its not so much weared out as the left button.

You can also use the Omron switches from the other buttons inside a mouse, but be aware that those are not made to hold as long as the left/right mousebuttons.

Advanced explanation:

Its quite simple, most of electronic parts have a limited lifetime. The manufacturer put such stuff into the Datasheet of parts. So its clear for the guys who solder this into your mouse and other devices.

But Sellers like Roccat “miss” sometimes to write this info into description …. (your mouse will just stay a live for 3 years, by daily usage of 8h ) i mean thats also not a good argument to sell a product. If you want a mouse that has more lifetime, than only buy those who explicit have as example 50Million Mouseklicks in description. But also there you should be aware that this just means that it could hold up to 50Million Klicks for the two mousebuttons. All other parts are not meaned! The Middle Mousebutton as example in most mouses is often just a cheap part holding for ~200 000 Klicks

Also a accidentally slopped drink on your mouse or very wet weather/climates in your room (above 70% humidity) can cause corrosion in the mouseparts (switches) so they do not work properly. You can clean them but thats very very tricky, so that it is better to solder broken buttons out and put new ones in.

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