Which Firewire Cable for Macs?

I need to get a firewire cable to connect my two Macs together. I was looking for one on eBay and there are different ones such as 6pin to 4pin etc...

Which one will allow me to connect two Macs together? Thanks

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Since I don't know which Macs you have I will give a general answer. You probably should get three cables as they are inexpensive. 1. A 4 pin firewire 400 cable. 2. A 6 pin firewire 800 cable. 3. And finally a 4 to 6 firewire cable for connecting Macs with two different firewire receptacles. If you know for certain which firewire ports your computers have and they are the same you could get by with that one but its nice to be prepared for all possibilities.

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+ or get one 800 cable with a 800 to 400 adapter. Better yet, look at your firewire ports to see what you need


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