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Wood and wheels. There are a variety of different types of skateboards used for different purposes. The basic types of skateboards can be categorized into cruiser boards, longboards, and standard trick boards.

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Why does my skateboard turn left on its own?

I just bought a new skateboard yesterday and it immediately started turning to the left on its own. I already tried greasing the bearings and adjusting the nuts. Any help on how to fix it?

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Ben Maple since this is a new board I’d have some reservations with it. I’d return it now since it will not get better with age. Usually you would try new bushing and/or check that your trucks are on straight as well as making sure that your bearings/wheels are in good condition. You want to check for a warped deck and ensure that the baseplate is screwed on completely straight.

You can of course always try to:

1) place your board on the ground and use your foot to gently fling your board out in front of you A few feet, while watching the board and see which way it rolls. (left, right or straight) If/When you see it’s rolling crooked, do this!

2) Stand with your board ,holding the nose and the tail firmly touching the ground.(A hard surface,outside sidewalk if fine)

3) Hold the board with the tail always touching the ground and lightly stomp down on the bottom wheel.( If it goes to the left, stomp on the left bottom wheel, if it goes to the right , stomp on the right bottom wheel). If you do it just right , it will fix your alignment and your board with roll straight.(Don’t stomp down on it so hard you chip the tail and damage your board or rip your trucks off!)

Note) Basically, it happens when you take your trucks off for whatever reason, and when you put them back on, one truck or another is slightly crooked.

Also, when putting your trucks on your board, always make sure the kingpins are on the inside facing each other. from here

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You can tell if a deck is warped if you hold it vertically, with the tail on the ground. Look down at it, and if it starts to do something like a corkscrew, its warped


Omg the stopping thing helped me so much! Thank you!


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