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Problems installing new SSD on early 2011 MacBook Pro with bad GPU

Hey all,

I recently received a friends old malfunctioning early 2011 macbook pro. Unfortunately, the issue seems to be a bad GPU. I have been able to boot into his old OS with the .kext GPU workaround but I would like to put in a new SSD and install Sierra onto that.

The problem is that when I try to boot into the installer USB, the GPU problem is still present and I am not able to get into the GUI to install the OS. I am wondering if there is a similar workaround for a USB installer to be able to switch to the Intel GPU in order to install the OS.

Does anyone know of a solution?


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1. Pull the drive and use a SATA to USB adapter and hook it up to another Mac. Now download and install.

gfxcard status

Open the program to make sure it is active.

Hook up to the old machine and boot.

2. If you don’t have access to another Mac, follow these instructions:

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Can this work if I use a Macbook that is a different model than the one I want to install the OS on?


Once you install the software, if it is one a machine without the dual graphics, when you boot it on that machine, the machine will pop a notice that it won't work on this model, then it will run just fine.


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