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The Epson WorkForce 645 is an all-in-one office color inkjet printer.

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What does "cannot recognize the cartridge" mean?

I press print and this message comes up

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This printer thinks you are using a non-Epson ink cartridge. They don’t like that as ink is where the money is.

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It's a grey cart machine - predates the firmware stupidity. That started with the shrinked black cart printers. They switched methods because the EU handed them a one finger salute in court over the wetness sensor BS. Instead of trying to be competitive, they found a way around the EU middle finger. That said, I wouldn't be shocked if they hid a firmware bomb in the 2010+ grey cart ones.

I can't even trust used ones with how fast they've spread the firmware block method so I just shy away from ALL of them now; even as a scanner that needs ink for $5-10. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHICH INK IS BLOCKED WITH THE FALSE SECURITY UPDATES.

Unless I can downgrade the firmware prior to adding it on retroactively added models (done after baking it into later black cart models) (it *has* to be available outside of Epson since they pull old releases) I don't even touch them since I need to try 2-3+ sets of ink to see how &&^&@@ I am with the 3rd party blacklist. It's baked into black cart models, so I need to pray it's early enough to be highly compatible. And never update it.

No thanks - I'm out. It's on the list with Brother (blocks scanning with low ink). Too much of a headache to track it - easier to throw them on the bad list.

This is a 126/127 model, which is usually not associated with the firmware BS due to being 12X ink. That said, I honestly suspect Epson abused the business buyers and then the end users with this firmware BS. The NX230 (gone; smelled like burning parts) didn't have this issue at the firmware level and it's 124/125 based cartridge wise.

Grey cart=old hardware method

Black cart=firmware 3rd party "security update" generation


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This is a grey cart Epson, so it’s cartridge DRM rather then firmware DRM. These have a wetness sensor behind the visible chip, which does not like being removed or being reset once it’s low. If you removed the cartridges (even with plenty of leftover ink), that’s likely what killed it.

The only good option is to buy new carts once the chips go bad :-(. Epson is sue happy as well as anti 3rd party so GFL finding new chips. Don’t buy another Epson printer again - they’re horrible compared to others like HP and Brother who pull similar crap, but nowhere near as persistent. Brother stops at displaying “non-genuine” and HP “locks” the first ink set under “Cartridge Protection” with the inkjets (not laser because erm… don’t want to !#^& them off) but lets you disable it. First set is dead, but the rest are immune once disabled. DO NOT leave it ticked on those HPs; protect 2nd+ ink sets.

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