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A budget friendly computer laptop that comes equipped with Wi-Fi, webcam with mic, a 500 GB hard drive, and a HDMI port to connect the laptop to a high-definition television or monitor. The AMD A8-6410 Quad Core APU with AMD Radeon™ R5 Graphics card along with 4GB memory brings you enough power for most lightweight gaming and working needs.

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location of cmos battery on a toshiba C55D-B5310 laptop

where is the cmos battery on toshiba C55D-B5310

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Ray Cisco it does not have one. This computer uses the regular main battery for this purpose. It also uses a capacitor for retaining some of the settings. That is the reason why removing the battery always results in a clock reset however settings such as CMS/EFI boot remain.

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I found the template where it would have been, but, no battery or battery holder or any kind of connection. Who would have thunk????

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@marinade1 CMOS batteries have gone the way of the Dinosaur. Extinct! All regulated and saved via caps and IC's


@oldturkey03 My MSI and HP (EliteBook) still use a CMOS battery. I like it that way since the CR2032 is more proven the capacitor saving method.

My concern is machines which are voltage sensitive like my E7440; it may not be as easy to score one like my i7 edition of the system for parts and quickly get it up and running. The CMOS RAM is very easily corrupted on the 7440 to the point I'd change a battery at 2.5V to avoid a no boot issue.


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