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An eScooter manufactured in 2018 by the Hover-1 company.

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I have an error code E2 and the scooter move

The scooter was working then all of a sudden an E 2 error came across the screen

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Did you ever find out what caused E2 error code? Seems to be a non-existent answer or solution at this point.


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Throttle fault. Internal breakage or hall sensor failure. New throttle required unless repair is possible.

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Hi Nigel,

It would be helpful if perhaps you could post where you got the information from.


Experience to be honest Mike, I repair the odd scooter at work.


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I had this issue, ended up ordering another throttle, the hall sensor inside the throttle has 3 wires on it. If you have the throttle off you can press it on the exposed magnets, one side of the sensor on one magnet or the other will cause the error to go away, put the scooter on taxi start and scoot away. This will be trial and error because the center leg on my sensor snapped off, that wire shorted against the outer leg (was green on my scooter) should give you the same results. The other will reboot the scooter. My scooter is the AovoPro es80, depending on your scooter’s settings and where you place the sensor on the magnets you may get a faster or slower speed, mines on slow so I’m at about 10mph but that just saves more battery. Am going to try a variable resistor and a momentary switch as well. Also the AovoPro es80 cuts power to the motor when braking this is helpful because you won’t have to jump off the scooter and lift the front wheel off the ground every time you want to stop.

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