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Repair guides for cameras of the now-discontinued Minolta line.

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MINOLTA SRT-200 Shutter button issue

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PLEASE HELP ME. I have a shutter button issue with my Minolta SRT-200. I recorded a video to explain the issue. Thank you in advance :

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So the spring is not mounted to the lever. You're lucky!


@danj So, is there something I can do? Do I need to mount it? How does one do that?


Use a dental pick to drag the hooked end over the lever. Be careful as if you slip the spring can jump off the post to the winds, which is what I had thought you had encountered before.


@danj hi dan, i added an updated picture? Did I do this right?!


Is it working correctly now?


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When you cleaned your system you snagged a small spring which holds the stop lever under tension. Looking at the SRT101 service manual which uses the exact same mechanism the spring 3067 is what you lost referencing this guide page17 Minolta SRT101 Service Manual

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Hi Dan,

Does that mean I cannot fix it myself? I Don't believe I broke anything as I was very delicate. Is there anything I can do?


The spring is as thin as a hair! And it tends to pop off. Its steel, so a magnet will grab it but as it's so small it can get caught in the rug or cleaning cloth.

You'll need to get a new one somehow.


I added a picture, i removed the light meter battery holder, can you see it @danj ?


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