Endless rebooting, and not charging at the same time.

My macbook doesnt charge, is on 2% and keeps rebooting 10 seconds after starting up, cant get passed password. As soon as i plug out the cable, the mac turns of. Its doesnt show the cable is connected, theres no green/orange light, but i do think its getting a little bit of power because it stays on for 10 seconds.

This was what happend:

My battery was running low (5%), so i plugged in the cable (1 month old charger, the old one started smoking)

I noticed that the mac was not charging, but did show it was getting power (electric figure on battery icon)

I left it since i was watching something important, and notice after one hour it was on 8%.

i restarted it, did the whole reset things (smc, vram and so on). Didnt help.

i tried recovery mode, and safe mode, doesnt work.

i tried internet recovery, but cant get passed selecting a connection, since it reboots again.

I tried different sockets as well.

what i did now, is i turned it off, put the charger in and even tho theres no light i will leave it overnight in hope it will have a couple extra percent to do a battery check in the system.

Any thought on what this could be?

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