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21 Eylül 2018'de piyasaya sürüldü. A1921, A2101, A2102, A2104 Modelleri vardır. GSM veya CDMA / eSIM veya nano-SIM / 64, 256, veya 512 GB / Gümüş, Altın, ve Uzay Grisi seçenekleri mevcuttur. ("iPhone 10 S Max." olarak telaffuz edilir)

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Replace compass / barometric sensor in iPhone XS max

After random restarts every 1-2 minutes Apple support diagnosed a defective compass / barometric sensor. It’s an iPhone XS Max 1,5years old.

What can I do about it. Can I replace this sensor?

UPDATE 2020-03-23: Update to this issue in the comments to A One Mobiles reply

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If your device is restarting randomly after 1-2 minutes this could be caused by battery data issues.

I would confirm this by downloading 3Utools and check if your battey shows battery data.

If your phone does have a sensor issue this would of caused a bootloop causing the device not to pass apple logo.

Replacing the proximity sensor is possible however you will lose Face Id, To keep Face id the Hall sensor will need to be transferred over from original flex to another.

Compass ic failing can als be caused by fractures in the layers of the motherboard and this would need to be done with someone that has board level repair experience.

Hope that helps :)

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Why would the Hall sensor have to do with the either the compass or barometric pressure sensors?

The Hall sensor is only used to sense if the case magnet is near it to shut off/on the unit.


It's a i2c line paired to face id via eeprom

At this point there is no option to transfer eeprom data.


Look at the schematic it's a stand-alone component just like the iPhone X. It doesn't use the i2c. Review this questions table: Water Damaged not booting tried lots looping with 70mA draw This sensors use SPI to communicate the the APU.


Your link refers to an iPhone 6 and not relevant to this phone.

And Apple probably diagnosed it wrong. Sounds more like a gas gauge issue. Compass and barometric sensor are seperate parts. While they may share an I2C bus (id need to check schematics), the lack of response from either would not cause a panic, and a stall on the bus would result in a kernel panic, so it would never get past the Apple logo


Yes. Apple has defiantly diagnosed the device wrong. The phone will not keep restarting due to a faulty compass IC. It will however restart with a faulty dock connector or as A one mobiles said a gas gauge problem. Change battery then dock before moving on to the board.


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I believe the barometric sensor sits with the speaker assembly like the regular XS model. I would inspect the connector for corrosion damage or just replace the assembly.

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Hi @jayzeeage I’m having exactly the same problem.. So I downloaded the app Phone Doctor Plus. The problem now is that I can’t run the check because the Iphone restarts before it finishes.. How did you do that?

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Well, I tried a lot of times. And the iPhone crashed while running the check. Again and again.

Since I wrote the original post I had this problem again and it disappeared again. I have still the feeling that this is somehow a software issue.


@jayzeeage I also think this is a software problem but I went to a apple store and they told me this is a hardware issue. And as my Iphone is not in warranty anymore, there's nothing they could do...


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