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The XV50 Camry was introduced on 23 August 2011, and began U.S. sales in September 2011. The interior received a major restyling, while the exterior received all-new sheet metal and more angular styling.

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The blue tooth pairing option on touchscreen is a dead spot.

My brother and I were very thorough in looking for a way around the “pair button” but couldn’t find one. I can’t afford to have the touchscreen replaced for one dead spot, so I started looking for a blue tooth fm transmitter - but one of the reviews has me questioning whether or not this solution will screw with the computer in my car… is this possible?

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Depending upon how handy you are, I did find just the digitizer on eBay by searching the model year+”touch screen". Here's one I found:

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Depends on your definition of “handy” lol

When it comes to my car- my knowledge/capabilities are limited to filling the tank, checking the fluids, jumping a battery & putting air in the tires :/ luckily I have a handy man on my speed dial. Thank you for finding this solution:)


No problem! Have a good day!


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