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A1708/EMC 3164 — Released June 2017, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar).

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Horizontal Lines on MacBook Pro 2017

I know this issue is becoming common on 2017 models and Apple still does not want to admit that this issue occurred due to the design flaw same as the FlexGate issue.

My questions here are

1) What is the main reason for this common issue?

2) Is there any solution for this issue rather than a screen replacement?

3) If I changed the screen would it 100% fix the issue or is there a chance that it may appear again because when I went to AASP they told me that they are not sure even with a screen replacement the issue would gone so I may even also go for logic board replacement (so basically I’m spending for a new MacBook Pro to repair mine)

Block Image

Block Image

NOTE : If I kept ignoring the issue, the lines not just become darker it even develops an image ghosting.

Update (04/12/2020)

Block Image

This is how the screen looks after I ignore the lines.

Thank you Apple for your faulty device :)

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To prove your issue is strictly the internal display, plug in an external monitor if the issue is not present on it you've proved the issue is the display alone!


Yes when I connect to an external display I don't any see any lines.


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You are facing a design choice Apple made that placed part of the displays logic within the main case. In its self that’s not a big issue, it’s where they placed it! So a part that needs to be kept cool is placed between two very hot heat sink radiators is not a good place! The double whammy is Apple also designed this system with the idea the 10 nm chips Intel had expected to deliver so the chip they had to go with runs hotter.

We also add to it! We place out systems on our bed or other cloth surface which blocks either the side vents or rear exit vent, so the system cooks even more!

Sadly, the part that cooks is the T-CON which is hardwired to the LCD panel you can’t replace it without replacing the panel which means you need to replace the entire assembly. There is no magic here sorry ;-{

You need a new display assembly.

Sadly, the replacement part won’t fix the underlying issue. Your habits will though! Install a good thermal monitoring app like TG Pro so you can ramp up the fans, and of course keep the vents clear of anything that could block them. The last thing is not to push the system to the extreme. Make sure you have at least 1/4 of your drive free so your system doesn’t need to run wear leveling as often and you have room for virtual RAM.

Update (04/12/2020)

Here’s the guide to install the new display MacBook Pro 13" Function Keys 2017 Display Assembly Replacement and here’s a listing of a good source for the part Mid 2017 13” MacBook Pro Retina, Function Key displays

Don’t forget to score and accept the answer.

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Thanks for the reply @danj. But I want to ask you if I ever changed the screen assembly would I face this problem again with the time?


@ahmed_barahim - You're too quick was still writing ;-}

Which model do you have so I can aim you to the needed part and guide so you can do it your self saving a few bucks!


It's 2017 MacBook Pro non-touch bar.

It's sad that I bought a machine which I thought it's going to be powerhouse machine since it's labelled as "Pro" that I cannot used for over an hour


“The last thing is not to push the system to the extreme“

I don’t think it is extreme to assume a pro machine should be able to run an additional monitor, and a DAW with various software instruments and plugins without running into thermal issues. Computers in the $2000+ range should be able to do more than light web browsing without the display glitching from heat.


@rigamer - Take some black tape to cover the word 'Pro' Then its properly marked!

Apple sorta acknowledged the issue in the 16" model intro on how they improved cooling (but nothing improved directly with the T-CON board)


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Please, sign this petition: Apple service program for 2017+ systems with heat lines

To get Exchange and Repair Extension Programs for MacBook Pro 2017

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@wtd - Using the itty-bity URL link did you in! I fixed it for you.


Done, but it is the best way to reach out to Apple? Any insight here on How did other people get the 2016 program from Apple?


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Hi Guys,

I have a MacBook Pro 2017 13 inch Touch Bar model. Little bit about my lap: It is is brand new condition without any dent or signs of usage. The battery count is just 11. Since I use the Mac which is given by my company, I very very rarely use this machine. May be once in 15 days that too for 30 mins to 2 hrs max. The device is currently out of warranty as I purchased this in 2018.

Few days back I had a FaceTime call for 1 Hr, where I connected the Mac to power with FaceTime video ON. That is where I realised that the horizontal lines are coming in the Mac for the first time. Upon referring different forums, I could see that this issue is common in MBP 2017 Touch Bar version. I walked into AASP and could hear them that this is display issue and the entire display has to be replaced at a cost of INR 50,000/- (650 USD approx).

Is it advisable to replace the display for that cost? Even if doing so, will it again cause the issue? Since this is a common issue, I am skeptical if this problem would appear again inspire of display replacement.

If I start using it without replacing my display, can I manage to use it just like that with lines? Will it affect my display further? And if I keep my Mac shut down for few hours and reopen will it completely be fresh? (ofcourse with lines starting to appear once again after usage for 30 mins and above.). Can I use a laptop cooling pad to keep my Mac cool so that this issue won’t appear because of the heat?

Are there any users who are facing this issue for longer time but still managing with the same display? Would like to hear from them if there are increase in lines? or any other potential damages like lcd liquid coming off or backlight something like that?

Is it advisable to wait to see if apple would someday start a Apple Service Program?

Please provide your comments and suggestions, this kept me low for few days after experiencing this issue in an unused Mac :(

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