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15.6" display screen with Windows 7 Home, identified by model number 5251-1513.

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problem is blinking my Charging light and HDD light together.

How can i solve this problem of blinking my Charging light and HDD light together?

My Laptop Aser Aspire 5: Core i7 (7th gen), 12 GB Ram and 2TB HDD.

While I'm playing games on my laptop. The charging light and HDD light blinking together. My battery is fully ok. There are no other problems.

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Here's the video of my problem: 


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its worked! after my BIOS update. It is best to have battery near 100% charged and charger plugged in BEFORE starting heavy gaming loads.

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hello i have the same problem, cand you tell me how you updated the BIOS?


can you tell what bios version you update to?


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The HDD light just indicates activity.

Acer Aspire notebook battery indicator lights

·         The battery indicator light on your Acer Aspire notebook will display the current status of your battery.

·         The battery indicator light operates in two different mode.

·         The first mode is engaged when the AC adapter is plugged into your notebook.

·         The second mode is engaged when the AC adapter is unplugged from your notebook.

·         Each mode has different meanings for each colour shown by the indicator light, these are listed below:

AC adapter plugged in:

LED Colour               Battery Status

Blue                            Fully Charged

Amber          Charging

AC adapter unplugged:

Note: When the AC adapter is unplugged the battery indicator button must be pressed, once pressed it will display a coloured LED depicting your battery's remaining charge.

LED Colour               Battery Status

Blue                            Greater Than 30% Charge Remaining

Amber                       Between 10% and 30% Charge Remaining

Red                             Less than 10% Charge Remaining

If the laptop charging light is blinking it could mean the battery is dead or the battery sensors need to be recalibrated.

  1. Simple battery reinsertion: just shut down the laptop , remove charging cable, remove battery, if there is dust build up , remove it . Reinsert the battery And try booting it. Maybe it will work. Otherwise try next method.
  2. Recalibration: Remove battery , connect charging cable , start the laptop. Once you are in search device manager -> batteries . you will see 3 names in the field opened like Microsoft acpi compatible battery and some other names. Select all 3 and one by one uninstall them. If it asks to restart simply ignore and shut down.(don't restart, I repeat.) Now insert the battery back and the charging cable and boot the laptop. You will see it working normally and charging light stops flickering. If this too doesn't work try next method.
  3. Google battery health view by nirisoft and download it. Once downloaded , extract the .zip file and launch battery state view. You will see a lot of data ignore it and move down to column of designed capacity and current capacity and battery health. If battery health is below 30 ,it means battery is weak and needs replacement soon.
  4. Try to check the charger for damage. Also check the charging socket on your laptop. Some laptop check if the charger is original and give problems if it isn't.

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I would not worry about i unless it interferes with the pcs perfomacne

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