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Device repair and information for HP's line of Pavilion 15" laptop computers.

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re-attaching a bezel to laptop screen

Along the base of the screen, near the hinge, the bezel is starting to come loose from the screen.

Block Image

Block Image

I’m trying to find if there’s any adhesive I can use to stick the bezel/frame back on or if I need to wait until the lockdown ends and I can take it to a professional.

I don’t really care if it looks pretty or not, I just don’t want to accidentally damage the screen or increase the peeling.

Trying to clarify the question, the area in yellow has pulled back about a mm or two from the LCD screen. I’m trying to see if I can slip some adhesive in between and reseal it without damaging the screen or just having it come loose again.

Block Image

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Same issue here. Laptop looks the same, too (Pavilion Gaming), and the affected location is also the same (bottom right).


I have the same problem with THE SAME model, pavilion 15. is this really common for this model? only bought this a year ago :'(


I have same model and same issue exactly at the same location that you marked , did you find any solution? If yes please share it with me


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The bezel has clips all the way around the screen.

Some are probably broken (or bent if lucky) which you’ll need to use double sided tape adhesive like Tesa 4605 / Or red double sided heat resistant tape which is also sold on eBay.

The broken clips on the otherhand need to use something like B7000 liquid glue and scotch tape to glue the bezel with the cover and the tape is used to keep it in place until the glue dries up and the tape can be removed.

Some bezel clips at the bottom of the screen assembly area require removing the hinge cover, this would require removing the whole top screen assembly from the laptop and slide the hinge cover left or right to unlock the hinge cover and then clip the bezel back in place then hinge cover last.

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I may be misunderstanding or miscommunicating the issue. I think the clips you're talking about are along the outer edge of the bezel.

The failure is on the inner edge of the bezel, where it's starting to seperate from the LCD surface. I updated the question with a slightly better illustration.


It is possible to slip in some double sided transparent adhesive as specified above at that spot. After cutting it to size apply it first and adjust with two tweezers carefully. Once in place carefully peel off the adhesive cover then it should hold it in place.


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