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The second generation of the Samsung Gear, a round smartwatch running Samsung's Tizen smartwatch OS. The Gear S2 was released in October 2015.

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The back of the phone is cracked. Can it be fixed?

The back of the watch has spider cracks all over it. Is there a way fix it?

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Where can I buy the back cover or glass?


You can do a search for Samsung Gear S2 Rear Glass on Amazon or eBay. When I did a similar search, these are some of the results I got before. Naturally I suggest you do your own search and due diligence for that your buying the right part from a reputable vendor. I'm not endorsing these particular vendors in any way, but it's just an example to help you on your way on what the search results might look like. None of these replacement parts are genuine Samsung parts as far as I could tell, but that's usually the case when you are looking to fix electronics. No different then when you buy a new alternator for your car, it's usually aftermarket, the same applies here. Best wishes.

or try here: or:

and this listing gives you the whole back cover with the glass:


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To replace the back glass of the Samsung Gear S2

  1. Take off the bands, so you have just the watch to work with.
  2. Look at the screws, you might get away with a small flat head screw driver to open. But if you have one of iFixit 64 bit kits, that would be better. Take off all 4 screws.
  3. Use a prying tool to open the watch between the seams to open it. Be gentle yet firm. You’ll hear clicks as you open it from the clips that hold’s the case in place.
  4. Replace glass
  5. Clip back casing back together.
  6. Screw back in the 4 screws to the casing.

You can buy the entire back cover for about $20 or $13 for the glass. Make sure you get the adhesive with it so it can retain its water resistance.

Hope this helps you.

P.S. After I answered this I noticed the title said “phone”, but you have an image of a Samsung Gear S2 watch and the body of your questions mentions watch. The answer is for the watch. If you need help fixing the rear glass of a phone please list what phone that would be. Thanks.

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