start sputtering down and finally shuts off, now crank with no start

I have a 2003 nissan altima 2.5 s , and I seen a video on how to reset the ecu without realizing you have to program after reset. I did the push pedal down 5 times thing and flash check engine but when it started flashing rapidly and it showed it reset, I still held it down because I didn't know whether to start car when check engine light was off or stayed on . it would go blank for a couple seconds and redo the flashing ( keep note that I just did the reset but didn't start the car when suppose too , but instead held down and let it reset 3 times in a row ) . After I started up the car and it ran good , it adjusted idle and car was sounding great . So I put code reader and waited for any code and for smog monitors to complete . I started reving car at 2 rpms for about a minute to get catalyst moniter complete , but when I let go of throttle the car idle went to normal then just start sputtering down and finally shuts off . I tried restarting but now all I get is crank with no start . I replaced fuel pump . And checked compression. Car gets no rpms at all when cranking ! Is it the crankshaft sensor ? Or reprogramming key ? Or ecu ? Please help . And what is the metal canister under the air intake with a hose coming out of engine by tranny . Is it a fuel filter ? They said Nissan altima has fuel filter inside fuel

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