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Riding mover will start only after jumping solenoid

I have a riding mower that will only start after sitting for a while by jumping the solenoid. However, once running for a bit it will start right up without issue if it’s turned off. Is this a symptom of a bad solenoid or is there something else potentially going on here?

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I'm confused. You can start it anytime by jumping the solenoid. If that is the case then it could be the ignition switch. It could be one of the safety switches like if you don't stay seated or the other ones, I don't remember them because I bypassed them. I would start at the ignition switch and see if you have power coming out in start position and if you do go down the line and check everything else in between. You should be able to get a electrical schematic for the mower online.

Update (06/05/2020)

It sounds like a bad starter and solenoid hearing the rest of the explanation. I would change them and clean all of the connections.

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I need to have weight on the seat for the safety, but yes, it will turn over and start by jumping it. However, it won't turn over when it's cold via the key. It'll click like a bad solenoid, but once running for a while, it'll turn over and start like it's a brand new machine.


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