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The Garmin Vivoactive is a GPS smartwatch that includes sports apps for tracking activities, notifications, calories, and sleep. This watch incorporates features for both active and working environments.

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Charged watch but the screen does not work

When the watch is plugged I can see the screen ON and the batery is 100% charged. However, unplugged the screen is OFF and the watch seems like it has no battery.

any idea of the problem? Thank u

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WHILE YOU'RE CHARGING YOUR WATCH, PRESS AND HOLD DOWN POWER BUTTON UNTIL IT POWERS ON..... I hope this working for you right away. Pls tell me if it worked for you

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Sorry! I just saw the answer!

It didn’t work, It powers off because in the computer you can listen how the device is turned off and then again the computer recognises it again. But as soon as I unplugged it, the screen is again off.

Thank u for your help

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