Why does motor not run and paddle not turn

Started HB-B101. Paddle turned briefly, then quit. Started couple more times, but paddle didn’t turn. Machine completes cycle, lights show progress through cycle, element heats, but motor doesn’t even attempt to start (no humming). Found paddle shaft seized. Removed, lubed, and now fine. Motor test: motor removed, connected to power. Humms, but doesn’t turn. Slight spin of shaft and motor runs perfectly. Capacitor: connected to power for 5 seconds. Removed from power, touched screwdriver to one lead, then other lead…crack/spark/discharge. Connected both motor and capacitor to power (together). Motor still humms and needs slight spin to begin running. But…during seemingly normal cycle no humming, no nothing. Did something “blow” during the first attempt above and now is not sending power to the motor?" Any help appreciated.

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